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MINDS, NOT MINES: Why the real revolution is being achieved with consciousness, not bombs…


(NaturalNews) I don’t know if you can see it yet, but you are living through the unfolding of the most profound revolution in human history. This is a revolution of raising consciousness, advancing real science, holding corporations accountable and empowering individuals. Sites like Natural News are hubs of this revolution, but the real power comes from readers, bloggers, customers and activists like you.

What kind of revolution is underway, exactly? Well, there are several of them happening all at the same time, and all of them are bloodless:

• Honest food revolution where food corporations are held accountable for what’s really in their food (GMOs, heavy metals, BPA, contaminants and more)

• Food freedom revolution where farmers, homeowners and commercial growers are now demanding increased freedom to grow what they want to grow. It’s only a matter of time before prohibition against industrial hemp is lifted.

• Independent media revolution where all the big-name media outlets are practically in free-fall collapse as more and more readers flock to independent “truth” media sites like this one. It seems the population has finally decided it’s tired of being lied to all the time!

• Personal liberty revolution where more and more people are standing up and demanding freedom from government surveillance, oppression, censorship, punitive tax audits and suffocating governance. This is true across the political spectrum: both conservatives and liberals are fed up with war, NSA spy surveillance and the crushing economic cost of a police state government gone wild.

• Consciousness revolution where an increasing number of people are waking up to the reality that consciousness is real, “minds” exist beyond the physical, animals such as dolphins have memories and consciousness, and our universe is far more than the reductionist physical construct worshipped by conventional science. See my article on Rupert Sheldrake to really understand the consciousness revolution happening right now, in more detail. Or watch this video by Graham Hancock, “The War on Consciousness,” which TED has viciously censored. (TED Talks are now the high priesthood of status quo thinking, and TED goes out of its way to silence the world’s brightest scientific minds who “accidentally” got scheduled to talk.)

Revolution at the speed of the internet

Thanks to the internet, revolutions can now spread at the speed of broadband connections. New findings can be spread to tens of millions of people literally overnight, bypassing the mainstream media information controllers and political spin doctors.

Although social media sites and search engines were all set up from the get-go by NSA-funded groups that we now know have “backdoor access” for spooks to spy on users, these same tools can also be used to spark peaceful revolution by spreading information that leads to heightened awareness followed by action.

For example, the very structure of the internet was first created by none other than DARPA, a military research organization. The TCPIP packet structure of internet traffic was specifically designed to maintain data connections even when nuclear bombs destroyed internet traffic hubs.

But today we use this DARPA-created infrastructure to do things like spread the truth about the mysterious fibers found in Chicken McNuggets. We use the internet to distribute investigative reports and critically important food safety data that would have traditionally been completed censored by the mainstream media. And later this year, Natural News is going to announce information about food that dramatically impacts consciousness (and no, I’m not talking about psychedelics…).

It is the combined efforts of all of us — bloggers, tipsters, whistleblowers, journalists, readers, sponsors and more — who power this great engine of total transparency that ultimately leads to bloodless revolution.

Because in a world where corporations are subjected to total transparency, all the crimes they routinely commit against humanity are inevitably halted. The GMOs get outlawed. The predatory banking practices get exposed. The death-pushing pharma CEOs get arrested and prosecuted. These are the kind of positive, revolutionary outcomes we can fully expect to see happen as we drive forward with a shared goal of total transparency, total truth and total dedication to serving the public good.

The Health Ranger thanks you for participating in the greatest revolution in human history

So I want to take this opportunity thank you for your support, your energy, your contributions and your positive intentions in making these revolutions reality.

We are winning on so many fronts that it’s easy to forget just how much progress we’ve made. Monsanto is on the verge of losing its war against humanity as GMOs will soon be shut out of the marketplace. Pharmaceutical medicine is on the verge of collapse followed by rebirth of a new era based on holistic principles. The dead, pasteurized, processed food system is also on the verge of collapse as the truth about the links between nutrition and health become undeniable.

As more and more of this information comes out — on consciousness, nutrition, liberty and more — it sooner or later becomes impossible for the status quo to deny these realities any longer.

The most powerful revolutions are silent revolutions

Revolutions take place when a set of ideas that has been slowly building up in the minds of the people is suddenly catapulted across the remaining population and becomes “common sense.” Real revolutions are powerful precisely because they are so subtle: all of a sudden an idea that used to be considered outlandish is widely accepted as being obviously true (like the idea that you are more than your physical body or that you are a conscious being, not a biological robot like most “modern” scientists continue to claim).

These kinds of revolutions are more powerful than bullets and bombs. They are what shape the future of human civilization. And we are shaping these ideas right now, together, as we explore breakthroughs in consciousness, liberty, food, farming, nutrition, self-healing and more.

That’s why right now, instead of dropping bombs on nations like Syria, we should be dropping bombshell ideas on the entire world like the idea that we are all conscious beings who share in the powerful common interests of sustaining life on our planet and ending suffering everywhere (through lifelong empowerment, not band-aid handouts).

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I assure you the real fun has only just begun.

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El kiwi – ánimo y energía – estudio

El kiwi puede mejorar el estado de ánimo y energía – estudio…

El kiwi es una fuente excepcional de vitamina C, dijo que los hallazgos.  Foto / Thinkstock

Comer dos kiwis al día puede mejorar el estado de ánimo y los niveles de energía, una nueva Universidad de Otago estudio reciente.

Investigadores de Canterbury campus de la universidad probaron 54 estudiantes varones jóvenes que tenían niveles más bajos de vitamina C deseables debido a que generalmente comían poca fruta fresca.

El grupo se dividió – con algunos Comer dos kiwis al día y otros de medio kiwi.

Aquellos comer dos kiwis se encontraron a experimentar significativamente menos fatiga y depresión que los demás. También sentían que tenían más energía.

El kiwi es una fuente excepcional de vitamina C, dijo que los hallazgos, publicados recientemente en la Revista de Ciencias de la Nutrición.

El trabajo fue parte de un estudio en curso dirigido por el profesor Margreet Vissers del centro del campus para la investigación de radicales libres en el papel fundamental de la vitamina C en el cuerpo humano.

Profesor Vissers dijeron comer dos kiwis al día garantiza los niveles de vitamina C del grupo de estudio fueron “óptimo”, lo que se necesita para ver un efecto en el estado de ánimo y la energía.

“Nuestro estudio proporciona una buena evidencia para apoyar la idea de que existen beneficios para la salud medibles que se pueden obtener de comer una buena cantidad de frutas y verduras todos los días. Para obtener un mejor beneficio, es importante incluir alimentos de alto contenido de vitamina C en su dieta diaria.”

La vitamina C ayuda a activar un número de enzimas en el cuerpo que mejoran los niveles de energía metabólica y diferentes neuroquímicos en el cerebro, añadió.

“Esto significa tomar en más vitamina C podría reducir la sensación de fatiga y aumentar la energía física y mental.”

El trabajo fue financiado por el Ministerio de Negocios, Innovación y Empleo, de la Universidad de Otago y la compañía de kiwis Zespri International.

El Brócoli ayuda a frenar la artrosis, según científicos británicos…

Un grupo de científicos británicos asegura que comer brócoli en abundancia ayuda a frenar el desarrollo e incluso podría prevenir la artrosis, informa hoy la cadena británica BBC.

El equipo de investigadores, de la Universidad de East Anglia (en Norfolk, al este de Inglaterra), ha comenzado a ejecutar ensayos con seres humanos tras el éxito de las pruebas llevadas a cabo en el laboratorio sobre células y ratas.

Esas pruebas realizadas sobre células y ratas demostraron que un compuesto del brócoli -que también se obtiene en las coles de bruselas o repollos- bloqueaba una enzima destructiva considerada clave en los daños que se producen en el cartílago.

Los expertos sostienen que ese vegetal resulta ser muy rico en nutrientes y sustancias como la glucorafanina, que se transforma eventualmente en otra llamada sulforafano, que a su vez repercute en la protección de las articulaciones afectadas por la enfermedad.

Según el citado canal británico, los voluntarios que participen en la investigación pasarán dos semanas sometidos a una dieta rica en una variante del brócoli, llamada Beneforte y que resulta de un cruce entre el brócoli común y una variedad salvaje de Sicilia (Italia).

Un total de veinte pacientes se alimentarán con Beneforte, mucho más rico en nutrientes que el brócoli común, y posteriormente pasarán por el quirófano para reparar sus rodillas.

Será entonces cuando los científicos observarán y analizarán el tejido cartilaginoso de la articulación para comprobar el impacto, si es que lo ha habido, de la ingestión continuada y abundante del vegetal, según esto.

“Pedimos a los pacientes que se coman cien gramos de brócoli todos los días durante dos semanas”, explicó la responsable de la investigación, Rose Davidson.

Pese a que el período es un poco corto para permitir la aparición de grandes cambios, Davison espera que sea suficiente para vislumbrar alguna prueba de que el brócoli puede beneficiar a las personas.

“Creo que aunque no remedie totalmente la artrosis, puede ser una forma de prevenirla”, subrayó.

Los investigadores compararán los resultados de los tejidos de los pacientes que han ingerido brócoli con los de otros veinte voluntarios que no se someterán a la dieta rica en Beneforte.

“Hasta ahora los estudios han fallado a la hora de demostrar que la comida o la dieta juega algún papel en reducir la progresión de la artrosis, así que si los hallazgos pueden repetirse en humanos, sería todo un avance”, afirmó el representante de la organización Arthritis Research UK, Alan Silman.

Más de 8,5 millones de personas en el Reino Unido padecen artrosis, una enfermedad degenerativa que afecta sobre todo a las articulaciones de manos, pies, caderas, rodillas y columna vertebral.

Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs…

Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs: ‘Shift Work Disorder’ now used to push medication that may kill you…


(NaturalNews) Ever heard of “shift work disorder?” It’s a new disease being played up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs so dangerous that even the home page of the drug website admits the drug may kill you.

One such drug is called “Nuvigil,” sold by Cephalon, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. The warning text on the Nuvigil website says:

NUVIGIL (armodafinil) Tablets [C-IV] may cause serious side effects including a serious rash or a serious allergic reaction that may affect parts of your body such as your liver or blood cells, and may result in hospitalization and be life-threatening. If you develop a skin rash, hives, sores in your mouth, blisters, swelling, peeling, or yellowing of the skin or eyes, trouble swallowing or breathing, dark urine, or fever, stop taking NUVIGIL and call your doctor right away or get emergency help.

Wow, mouth sores? Yellowing eyes? Trouble breathing? Dark urine? Hospitalization? Where do I sign up!

According to the Nuvigil website, the drug is, “a prescription medicine used to improve wakefulness in adults who experience excessive sleepiness due… shift work disorder (SWD)”

Yet another fictitious disease

SWD, of course, is a made-up “disease” now being propagandized for the sole purpose of selling drugs like Nuvigil. The pushing of fictitious disorders is generally known as “disease mongering” across the industry. The premise of so-called Shift Work Disorder is that the tiredness you feel when you stay up all night working a night shift is actually some sort of disease requiring chemical intervention.

You’re not simply tired because you’re out of sync with the sun, the fictional narrative says: you’re tired because you have a disorder! And unless you pop these pills — which might kill you — you’ll never be normal again! Sigue leyendo

Secret world of insects revealed in fascinating science photos…

Secret world of insects revealed in fascinating science photos from the Natural News Forensic Food Lab

(NaturalNews) When I’m working in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, I like to put the equipment to use for much more than just food investigations. Recently, I gathered some insects and brought them to the lab to take a closer look. At 200X magnification, fascinating details emerge.

What you see below is a collection of photos (and a video) resulting from my “insect investigation” at the lab. You’ll see the tiny shingles that make up a butterfly wing and the structural support columns of a dragonfly wing.

Also check out the amazing grasshopper foot, the dragonfly head and the close-up of a scorpion’s stinger, showing the poison reservoir that’s pumped into the insect’s victims.

You’ll also see the stinger of a wasp, the claw arm of a scorpion and much more.

After checking out the photos, watch the video at the bottom of this article to see even more examples, including microscopic video of a tick, complete with its blood-siphoning “mouth” still in place.

For the record, no insects were harmed or killed to take these photos, except for the ticks which we fed to the chickens. Yumm! (All the other insects were already dead.)

Here are the photos:

Microscopic insect photos by Mike Adams

Have you ever seen a butterfly head up close?

These look like shingles on a roof, but they’re actually the structures of a butterfly wing:

This photo shows the structural support “beams” that hold a butterfly wing together:

Butterfly wing “shingles” come on all sorts of colors. In this photo, you can actually see the “transition” colors between yellow and black. How does the butterfly know to create shingles with transition colors? How does the DNA even know what to build between “yellow” and “black?”

Here’s a less-magnified image so you can see the overall structure of wing shingles and support struts: Sigue leyendo

VENGO, JESÚS, A TI – JESUS, I COME …(Himnos Antiguos)


(Traditional Hymns)

 Animación escaleras a la naturaleza para celular

Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night, 

Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
Into Thy freedom, gladness, and light,
Jesus, I come to Thee;
Out of my sickness, into Thy health,
Out of my want and into Thy wealth,
Out of my sin and into Thyself,
Jesus, I come to Thee.

Out of unrest and arrogant pride,
Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
Into Thy blessed will to abide,
Jesus, I come to Thee.
Out of myself to dwell in Thy love,
Out of despair into raptures above,
Upward for aye on wings like a dove,
Jesus, I come to Thee.

Out of the fear and dread of the tomb,
Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
Into the joy and light of Thy throne,
Jesus, I come to Thee.
Out of the depths of ruin untold,
Into the peace of Thy sheltering fold,
Ever Thy glorious face to behold,
Jesus, I come to Thee.


De mi tristeza y esclavitud,
vengo, Jesús, vengo, Jesús.
A tu alegría y tu virtud,
vengo, Jesús a ti.
De mi pobreza y enfermedad,
a tu salud y rica bondad;
a tu presencia, de mi maldad,
vengo, Jesús, a ti.

De mi soberbia y ansiedad,
vengo, Jesús, vengo, Jesús.
Para morar en tu voluntad,
vengo, Jesús a ti.
De mi tristeza a tu gran amor,
a lo del cielo consolador;
para por siempre darte loor,
vengo, Jesús, a ti.

De ese terror que la tumba da,
vengo, Jesús, vengo, Jesús.
A la brillante luz de tu hogar,
vengo, Jesús a ti.
De la indecible profundidad,
a tu redil de tranquilidad;
a ver tu faz por la eternidad,
vengo, Jesús, a ti.

The 10 false assumptions of modern science…

The 10 false assumptions of modern science (and how to set science free with new paths to discovery)

  (NaturalNews) Much of modern science remains stuck in an endless inward spiral of false paradigms. That’s why “scientific” medicine, for example, offers no real answers to the really big diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and so on.

More importantly, modern medicine will never solve these problems unless it abandons its false assumptions and embraces the “higher science” beyond reductionism and materialism.

This is the message of one of the most important books of our time: Science Set Free by Rupert Sheldrake.

This book, available both in hardcopy and audio formats (from, outlines 10 new pathways to discovery that promise to allow human civilization to leap forward into a new era of understanding, achievement and the harnessing of the power of nature and the cosmos. (I own the edition and have been excitedly listening!)

“Rupert Sheldrake may be to the twenty-first century what Charles Darwin was to the nineteenth: someone who sent science spinning in wonderfully new and fertile directions.” — Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine

The ten false assumptions of modern day science Sigue leyendo